Half Chess is a simplified version of chess that is played with half of the pieces, with the pieces confined to half of the board. An advantage of Half Chess is that it can be played even if some of the chess pieces are missing. …

Academic Treasure Hunt is similar to a conventional treasure hunt, except that the clues require knowledge of various academic subjects in order to locate the next clue or the treasure itself. An example of such a clue is the following: “From your present location, proceed north x meters, where x

Insect pests cause harm by damaging and destroying crops, as well as by spreading disease. Current methods of controlling destructive insects have had at best limited success.

Chemical insecticides can be effective in reducing insect populations, but they become less effective over time due to the targeted insects developing resistance…

Stanley Korn

I write on a variety of subjects, mainly oriented toward solving problems and recommending improvements. My short stories include science fiction and fantasy.

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